Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payment is expected at the time of any service. We are contracted with Kentucky Medicaid and Passport for services through The Cleanse Clinic. We have plans to take other health insurance plans in the future. We believe in the strongest protection of your information allowable by law. We will provide necessary information directly to patients who wish to file with their insurance providers for any out-of-network benefits.
Within one business day, you will have a telephone interview to assess your safety and appropriateness for treatment at the Cleanse Clinic, and recommendations will be made for your level of care. The telephone interview is free.
On average, one to two weeks are required to complete all the assessments and treatment planning for the prescription of medications.
Patients who are pregnant, have acutely serious medical conditions, or who have medically dangerous withdrawal are excluded. Anyone who is physically or emotionally dangerous to self or others may be excluded. We will recommend other resources to these patients.
Some. The Cleanse Clinic’s goal is to make these processes tolerable and manageable. The types and amount of medications required to completely control discomfort would not allow the brain to start producing again what has been replaced by the chemical dependency. The goal of medically-assisted chemical dependency treatment is that the withdrawal is gradual enough to prevent medical emergencies or overwhelming symptoms, while allowing the brain to reach adequate production of the internal chemicals and the patient to develop personal tools and strategies for relapse prevention.
Medical evidence shows that the average patient needs at least 6 months of medication-assisted treatment. This figure is primarily based on the biology of the brain, in terms of time needed to reach equilibrium again. Because biology is only one piece of the puzzle, the Cleanse Clinic uses multidisciplinary assessments and treatments to help our patients with these decisions. Of course, we hope that new research will provide faster and easier treatments, or even cures.
The Cleanse Clinic hope is that contrary to the previous way of coping, you will gain some trust that allows you to notify a member of your treatment team as soon as possible. Punishment is not a part of the Cleanse Clinic treatment. The natural consequences of failures are usually enough punishment. Relapse is part of the normal course of any illness. Building tools to prevent and overcome relapses is a major part of your Cleanse Clinic treatment.
There are 4 major reasons for toxicology screens at Cleanse Clinic. Chemical dependency trains the behavior of deception and this takes time and effort to overcome. Toxicology screens (and other forms of accountability) are known deterrents to relapse. Clear screens reinforce treatment goals. Patients often need toxicology screens for administrative/legal reasons.
Above all else, the Cleanse Clinic treatment is your treatment. Treatment is personalized to your goals and needs, but will also be based on the newest understanding and approaches to healing all of the areas damaged by chemical dependency. Your input into the treatment process is one of the most important pieces to improving recovery outcomes.
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